Jawahir Che Mustapha Yusuf

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The collection and dissemination of increasing quantities of information representing multiple digital media objects are promising, combined with a number of technical advances in ICT. Even though the information is maintained and distributed by different owners, systems, formats and locations, their contents might tell the same story, share the same(More)
The main objective of this research is to apply statistical location estimation techniques in cellular networks in order to calculate the precise location of the mobile node. Current research is focusing on the combination of Kalman filter and the Bayesian decision theory based location estimation. In this research basic four steps of Kalman filter are(More)
Receive Signal Strength (RSS) and Available Signal Strength (ASS) are the primary parameters used in location estimation of a mobile node. These parameters come with error because of attenuation, atmospheric absorption and other external factors. All the factors indeed lead towards the inaccurate location estimation. This research work is a continuation of(More)
This research work is based on the location prediction of wireless nodes with the terrains/clutters considerations. Multi-condition Bayesian decision theory is applied for precision in selected locations. Currecnt research is the continution of our previous research work in which twelve terrains were proposed based on the atmospharic atteunation. In the(More)
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