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A relational framework for international transfer of diversity management practices
The aim of this paper is to propose that a relational framework, which is underpinned by a contextual and multilevel conceptualisation of diversity management, can help international transfer ofExpand
Employment prospects for skilled migrants: A relational perspective
Proponents of human capital theory suggest that skill has a key role in employment prospects for international migrants – workers engaged in a remunerated activity in a State of which they are not aExpand
Veiled diversity? Workplace experiences of Muslim women in Australia
This study sheds light on the mobilisation of Islamic discourses in the lives of working Muslim migrant women and its interaction with Australian society in the context of diversity management as aExpand
Capital Mobilization of Skilled Migrants: A Relational Perspective
A central issue for understanding skilled migration in the management literature is human capital. This emphasis ignores other important forms of capital mobilization that skilled migrants fromExpand
A context-specific perspective of equal employment opportunity in Islamic societies
The purpose of the paper is to offer a context-specific perspective of gender equality and its implications for equal employment opportunity in Islamic societies. The paper discusses variousExpand
Is work engagement gendered
Purpose – The way work engagement is constructed and researched in literature is assumed, at least implicitly, to be gender-neutral where women and men have equal opportunity to demonstrate theirExpand
Combating the English language deficit: the labour market experiences of migrant women in Australia
This article takes a multilevel perspective on the labour market issues and challenges that migrant women from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) encounter in Australia. The article is based onExpand
Principles of employment relations in Islam: a normative view
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe a normative perspective of employment relations in Islam. Design/methodology/approach – The perspective on employment relations offered in thisExpand
An historical perspective on Islamic modesty and its implications for female employment
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to offer an historical perspective on Islamic modesty and discuss its implications for female employment in Muslim majority countries (MMCs). Expand
Reconstructing Gender Empowerment
This paper challenges the dominant Eurocentric paradigm of gender empowerment and equal opportunity inherent in the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) used by the United Nations Development Program.Expand