Jawad Ali

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BACKGROUND The aim of the current investigation was to identify bioactive secondary metabolites including phenols, tannins, flavonoids, terpinedes, and steroids and compare the phytochemical analysis and antioxidant profile of the juice extracted from the fruits of Citrus sinensis, Citrus anrantifolia, and Citrus limonum. RESULTS Phytochemical screening(More)
— Higher harmonics normally accompany the performance of bandpass filers; and the miniaturized microstrip dual mode bandpass filters are not an exception. The use of the conventional open stub resonator to reduce such harmonics is not a practical solution since it has a length of a quarter the guided wavelength at the harmonic frequency. This will make the(More)
—Cloud computing is an emerging and rapid growing field of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), it has to deal with resource allocation and power management issues. This paper proposes CGPANN to accurately forecast the client's requests for a very short term duration of 1 second. A forecasting accuracy as high as 99.81% has been attained that verifies the(More)
This paper presents new Wide Bandpass Filter (WBPF) and Narrow Bandstop Filter (NBSF) incorporating two microstrip resonators, each resonator is based on 2nd iteration of Hilbert fractal geometry. The type of filter as pass or reject band has been adjusted by coupling gap parameter (d) between Hilbert resonators using a substrate with a dielectric constant(More)
— New characteristics of fractal design scheme has been introduced to generate compact two poles capacitively coupled microstrip bandpass filter by using additional coupling stubs for different wireless applications. The presented fractal scheme is based on specific type of Hilbert space-filling curve which is called Hilbert-zz fractal geometry. The(More)
— The proposed filter design topology is based on dual coupled resonators constructed in the form of Peano fractal geometry. A dual-band microstrip bandpass filter with a quasi-elliptic response has been designed for first time based on 1 st iteration Peano fractal geometry at resonant frequencies of 2.25 GHz and 4.825 GHz using a substrate of a relative(More)
— In this paper, a compact UWB printed monopole antenna design is proposed. The monopole antenna has the form of an E-shaped structure printed on a substrate with relative dielectric constant of 3.38, and thickness of 1.52 mm. The matching through the UWB response is satisfied using a reduced ground plane. The proposed antenna is fed by a 50 Ω unsymmetrical(More)
Ziziphus nummularia from Rhamnaceae family is traditionally used for sedative-hypnotic, antipyretic and analgesic purposes; however, scientific validations are lacking. This in vivo study was undertaken to verify the above ameliorative properties of Z. nummularia root methanolic extract. Various fractions of the extract were assayed on Balb/c mice by open(More)