Jawad A. K. Hasan

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Over the last decade assessment of angiogenesis has emerged as a potentially useful biological prognostic and predictive factor in human solid tumours. With the development of highly specific endothelial markers that can be assessed in histological archival specimens, several quantitative studies have been performed in various solid tumours. The majority of(More)
Endocrine therapy is a recognised option in the treatment of chemo-resistant ovarian cancer. We conducted a nonrandomised phase II evaluation of combination endocrine therapy with tamoxifen and goserelin in patients with advanced ovarian cancer that had recurred following chemotherapy. In total, 26 patients entered the study, of which 17 had(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with recurrent ovarian cancer often achieve partial response following chemotherapy, resulting in persistent small volume disease. After completion of treatment, the dilemma of when to initiate subsequent chemotherapy arises. Identification of biomarkers that could be used to predict when subsequent treatment is needed would be of(More)
Principal singular component analysis has recently been proposed and analyzed by the author. It is a generalization of the principal singular subspace analysis which has been investigated in the literature. In this paper an unconstrained weighted cost function is utilized to develop dynamical systems that converge to the actual principal singular vectors of(More)
A large number of drugs have been used to treat recurrent ovarian cancer, yet there are few data that guide the physician's choice. Typically, the decision to re-treat with platinum-based therapy depends on the progression-free interval. However, the optimum agent for the treatment of platinum-resistant or refractory disease is not defined. In this study,(More)
The ability of brassinosteroids, such as 24-epibrassinolide (EBL) to increase the resistance of oilseed rape plants (Brassica napus L.) to salt stress (175 mM NaCl) was investigated along with the possible mechanisms of their protective action. Seedlings were grown for three weeks on the Hoagland-Snyder medium under controlled conditions. The experimental(More)
The derivation and implementation of many algorithms in sig-nal/image processing and control involve some form of polynomial root-finding and/or matrix eigendecomposition. In this paper, higher order fixed point functions in rational and/or radical forms are developed. This set of iterations can be considered as extensions of known methods such as Newton's,(More)
AIM Subcutaneous (s.c.) peginterferon beta-1a injected once every 2 weeks and s.c. interferon beta-1a injected three times per week (Rebif®) have demonstrated efficacy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, but direct comparisons of pharmacological activity and tolerability between the two products are lacking. COMPARE was an open label, crossover,(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment on a clinical trial is considered to be beneficial to oncology patients. However, supportive evidence for this is scarce. Trial effect describes the phenomenon of improved health outcomes in patients treated with standard of care (SOC) on trial compared to those receiving SOC outside of a clinical trial. We evaluated trial effect in(More)
BACKGROUND Thrombotic events are common in cancer patients and have been associated with an adverse prognosis in large registry-based studies. METHODS A retrospective cohort of 417 patients with ovarian cancer treated at a tertiary cancer centre between 2006 and 2009 was studied to identify the incidence and risk factors for thrombotic events and the(More)