Javnika Patel

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The thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when the neurovascular structures are compressed as they traverse the thoracic outlet. Degenerative changes can occur in the subclavian artery and the vessel may become a source of embolism with the risk of acute or chronic upper limb ischaemia. Rarely, distal thromboembolism in the thoracic outlet syndrome may be(More)
PURPOSE The usefulness of square-wave gratings to assess perioral spatial resolution acuity was evaluated. MATERIALS AND METHODS A psychophysical tracking procedure was used to estimate the threshold groove width for discriminating orientation (horizontal or vertical) of square-wave gratings pressed into the skin. Ten positionally matched sites on the two(More)
This study tested the applicability of a submerged vacuum ultrafiltration membrane technology in combination with the biological treatment system to achieve dry-ditch criteria stipulated as follows: BOD5, TSS, NH3-N, and total phosphorous (TP) concentration not exceeding 10, 10, 1, and 0.5 mg/L respectively for the treatment of high strength food-processing(More)
Ultrasonography is the most innocuous and noninvasive procedure, ideally suited for screening patients suspected of having cerebrovascular insufficiency. The Doppler ultrasound and real-time techniques complement each other. The latter can actually display a two-dimensional dynamic image of the carotid artery. B-scan can also be used in fetuses, infants,(More)
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