Javier de Mendoza

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A receptor for fullerenes featuring three exTTF units linked to a CTV scaffold is described. The exTTF-CTV host forms remarkably stable complexes with both C(60) (log K(a) = 5.3 +/- 0.2) and C(70) (log K(a) = 6.3 +/- 0.6). Light-induced ESR spectra demonstrate that intracomplex PET processes take place in solution.
Herein, we report the synthesis of guanidinium bis-porphyrin tweezers 1 and fullerene carboxylate 3, their assembly into a novel supramolecular 1@3 electron donor-acceptor hybrid, and its characterization. In solution, the binding constant affording 1@3 is exceptionally high. 1@3, which features a highly confined topography, builds up from a combination of(More)
An emissive terbium complex has been conjugated to a C12 chain, Lys-Arg7, Arg7, a tetraguanidinium cation and human serum albumin; two-photon excitation at 720 nm facilitated microscopy studies revealing cell localisation profiles with the oligo-guanidinium conjugate localising in mitochondria but causing apoptotic cell death (IC(50)12 microM), the(More)
Novel thermodynamically stable supramolecular donor-acceptor dyads have been synthesized. In particular, we assembled successfully C(60), as an electron acceptor, with the strong electron donor TTF through a complementary guanidinium-carboxylate ion pair. Two strong and well-oriented hydrogen bonds, in combination with ionic interactions, ensure the(More)
The methanolysis of choline p-nitrophenylcarbonate in chloroform containing 1% methanol is catalyzed with turnover by ditopic receptors 1 and 2, consisting of a calix[6]arene connected to a bicyclic guanidinium by means of a short spacer. The calix[6]arene subunit strongly binds to the trimethylammonium head group through cation-pi interactions, whereas the(More)