Javier de Dios

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Most patients with acute bronchiolitis have a mild course and only require outpatient care. However, some of them have to go to emergency departments, because they have respiratory distress or feeding problems. There, they frequently receive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We want to know the variability and appropriateness of these procedures. A(More)
Safe is a first-order functional language with unusual memory management features: memory can be both explicitly and implicitly deallocated at some specific points in the program text, and there is no need for a runtime garbage collector. The final code is bytecode of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), so the language is useful for programming small devices(More)
Safe is a first-order eager functional language with facilities for programmer controlled destruction of data structures. It provides also regions, i.e. disjoint parts of the heap, where the program allocates data structures, so that the runtime system does not need a garbage collector. A region is a collection of cells, each one big enough to allocate a(More)
The purpose of this paper is to classify real hypersurfaces of quaternionic projective spaces whose Ricci tensor satisfy a pair of conditions on the maximal quaternionic distribution D ? = Span fU1 U 2 U 3g. Throughout this paper let us denote by M a connected real hypersurface in a quaternionic projective space QP m , m=3, endowed with the metric g of(More)
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