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The " elliptic " version of a three-dimensional nonlinear integrable equation, the Toda chain equation, is studied by means of the inverse scattering method. Several classes of decaying solutions corresponding to both the continuous and discrete spectrum of the associated spectral problem are obtained. Conditions that guarantee reality and analyticity along(More)
The operation of photovoltaic (PV) tweezers, using the evanescent light-induced PV fields to trap and pattern nano- and micro-meter particles on a LiNbO(3) crystal surface, is discussed. The case of a periodic light pattern is addressed in detail, including the role of particle shape and the modulation index of the light pattern. The use of a single(More)
In this paper we consider a stochastic process that may experience random reset events which suddenly bring the system to the starting value and analyze the relevant statistical magnitudes. We focus our attention on monotonic continuous-time random walks with a constant drift: The process increases between the reset events, either by the effect of the(More)
The appearance of light intensity thresholds for catastrophic optical damage in LiNbO3 is satisfactorily explained by using a photorefractive model based on the Fe(2+)?Fe(3+) and NbLi(4+)?NbLi(5+) defect pairs. Model simulations of the photorefractive amplification gain as a function of the light intensity present sharp threshold behavior. A similar(More)
BACKGROUND Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is frequent in HIV adults. It is unknown usefulness of quantitative methods for diagnosing the CMV disease in Chilean patients. AIM To determine the performance of antigenemia and real time polymerase chain reaction (rtPCR) in the diagnosis of CMV disease in Chilean HIV adults. METHOD Detection of CMV by viral(More)
By appealing to renewal theory we determine the equations that the mean exit time of a continuous-time random walk with drift satisfies both when the present coincides with a jump instant or when it does not. Particular attention is paid to the corrections ensuing from the non-Markovian nature of the process. We show that when drift and jumps have the same(More)
In this paper we obtain general conditions under which stochastic differential equations possess a strong solution representable in an explicit form as a functional of the Wiener process. Particular interest bears the problem of determining conditions that guarantee non-explosion of the solution. The necessary as well as sufficient condition is derived.
An interferometric Mach-Zehnder technique very recently developed has been applied to measure photorefractive index changes in different types of z-cut proton-exchanged planar waveguides in LiNbO(3). These measurements are complemented by determining the intensitythreshold for the onset of optical damage with a standard single-beam setup. In the intensity(More)