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Spinosad † (Dow Agrosciences) is a neurotoxic insecticide produced by fermentation of an actinomycete. Spinosad is classified as an environmentally and toxicologically reduced risk material and has been embraced by IPM practitioners as a biorational pesticide. We examined the available information on the impact of spinosad on natural enemies and classified(More)
Human α-defensin 5 (DEF5), expressed by the Paneth cells of human small intestine, plays an important role in host defense against microbial infections. DEF5, a 32-residue peptide adopting a three-stranded β-sheet fold stabilized by three internal disulfide bonds, is not efficiently produced by recombinant expression techniques and is, therefore, an(More)
Vertebrate secreted RNases (ribonucleases) are small proteins that play important roles in RNA metabolism, angiogenesis or host defence. In the present study we describe the antimicrobial properties of the N-terminal domain of the hcRNases (human canonical RNases) and show that their antimicrobial activity is well conserved among their lineage. Furthermore,(More)
Car tires are important habitats for mosquito development because of the high density populations they can harbor and their presence in urban settings. Water in experimental tires was treated with one of three insecticides or an untreated control. Aquatic invertebrates were sampled at weekly intervals. Eggs, larval and pupal samples were laboratory-reared(More)
The larvicidal efficacy of the naturally derived insecticide spinosad, for control of immature stages of Anopheles albimanus and associated culicids, was compared to that of synthetic and biological larvicides. Effects on non-target insects were also determined. A field trial was performed in replicated temporary pools during the rainy season, in southern(More)
Aneuploidy free oocytes may be pre-selected by testing the first and second polar bodies removed from oocytes following their maturation and fertilization. We present here our experience on the application of the method in IVF cycles from patients of advanced maternal age. Overall, 5590 oocytes were obtained from 917 cycles and tested by polar body sampling(More)
Nonstructural protein 3A is involved in relevant functions in foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication. FMDV 3A can form homodimers and preservation of the two hydrophobic α-helices (α1 and α2) that stabilize the dimer interface is essential for virus replication. In this work, small peptides mimicking residues involved in the dimer interface were(More)
BACKGROUND Despite guideline recommendations, a significant number of patients with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) do not receive dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) before angiography "pretreatment." While there may be valid clinical reasons to not pretreat, such as concern for bleeding or multivessel disease warranting coronary artery bypass(More)
SUMMARY Background Psychotherapeutic diagnosis is largely based on verbal explorations and/or psychological tests. In contrast, the relevance of non-verbal communication is often disregarded. Here, we aim to provide a tool to measure and assess non-verbal behavior in clinical interviews, based on the Ethological Coding System for Interviews (ECSI),(More)