Javier Torréns

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Moderate maternal calorie restriction during lactation protects rat offspring against obesity development in adulthood, due to an improved ability to handle and store excess dietary fuel. We used this model to identify early transcriptome-based biomarkers of metabolic health using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), an easily accessible surrogate(More)
Descriptions of the adults of the two species of Dicoelothorax Ashmead, Dicoelothorax parviceps and Dicoelothorax platycerus, and the eggs, planidia and pupae of Dicoelothorax platycerus Ashmead are provided. Females of Dicoelothorax platycerus deposit their eggs on the underside of leaves of Pseudabutilon virgatum (Cav.) Fryxell (Malvaceae). The host of(More)
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