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— An approach to estimate blood flow cross-sectional velocity profiles in intravital microscopy videos of post-capillary venules is proposed. Given an image sequence, the cross-section upon which the velocity profile is to be estimated is manually chosen. The velocity of each streamline, assumed perpendicular to the chosen cross-section, is estimated(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular disorders are frequently found among chronic renal failure (CRF) patients due to their higher susceptibility to develop atherosclerosis. However, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), that is associated with a high mortality rate, is not usually assessed in these patients. The aims of this study are to find out the prevalence of PAD(More)
This paper reports on a method for left ventricle three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction from two orthogonal ventriculograms. The proposed algorithm is voxel-based and takes into account the conical projection geometry associated with the biplane image acquisition equipment. The reconstruction process starts with an initial ellipsoidal approximation derived(More)
In this research we use an active appearance model (AAM) as the core of a robust segmentation algorithm that combines contour and texture information to learn shape variability through a training procedure in trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) images of the prostate. Training was carried out using a dataset of 95 images which are preprocessed using gray-level(More)
A new multilinear constraint on the color of the scene illuminant based on the dichromatic reflection model is proposed. The formulation avoids the problem, common to previous dichromatic methods, of having to first identify pixels corresponding to the same surface material. Once pixels from two or more materials have been identified, their corresponding(More)
Given a standard RGB color image, an approach to recovering the shading image, an intrinsic image that depends only on the geometry of the viewing situation, is presented. The approach is formulated for scenes that exhibit both diffuse and specular properties. It is discriminative in the sense that variations in intensity caused by material changes are(More)