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Surveillance of all emergency department admissions for nine rural hospitals identified visits for injuries by 189 employed patients with construction occupations out of a total of 1843 injury visits of all employed patients with known occupations. The injury rate for construction workers was 20.28 injuries per 100 workers per year-more than 2.5 times that(More)
As the federal administration advances the idea of the "information superhighway," many disciplines are being challenged to find ways to use advanced telecommunications to improve access to information, enhance learning opportunities, and achieve higher levels of international competitiveness. Telemedicine, the use of communications technology in the(More)
The purpose of this panel is to provide a forum to discuss the main IT security issues confronting organizations today. The panelists and attendees will discuss the existing gap between current IT security practices vs. best practices based on survey trends on IT security for the past 5 years, explore popular models used to justify IT security investments,(More)
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