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This article analyzes the Ebro inter-basin transfer, which was the main project of the Spanish National Hydrological Plan. The Ebro transfer was prompted by pervasive pressures, scarcity and degradation of Southeastern basins in Spain. The heated policy debate on the Ebro transfer, highlights the difficulties of achieving a sustainable water management,(More)
Audio and speech codecs such as MP3, AAC, and AMR are used extensively on mobile devices throughout the world. In the ideal case, such codecs rely on hardware acceleration. However, it is also very common to see software audio codecs running on the main application processor, which is often an ARM core processor. Such codecs must be memory efficient,(More)
Contemporary dental patients present with high expectations and demand seamless optical integration of restorative interventions. As a result, clinicians and technicians are required to develop methodologies that remain practical yet increase the accuracy and objectivity of shade analysis and estimation. There have been significant advances in digital(More)
The 21st century has redefined the way we communicate, our concept of individual and group privacy, and the dynamics of acceptable behavioral norms. The messaging dynamics on Twitter, an internet social network, has opened new ways/modes of spreading information. As a result cyberbullying or in general, the spread of offensive messages, is a prevalent(More)
The present work proposes a pragmatic perspective of the development of personal identity. Such perspective is based on a unifying vision that incorporates the contribution of communicative pragmatics and becomes aware of the contribution of semiotics to psychology, without leaving aside the eriksonian point of view and other significant contributions in(More)
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