Javier Serrano

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White Rabbit (WR) is the project name for a ambiguous project that uses Ethernet as both, deterministic (synchronous) data transfer and timing network. The presented design aims for a general purpose, fieldbus like transmission system, which provides deterministic data and timing to approximately 1000 timing stations. The main advantage over conventional(More)
Speaker diarization is the task of partitioning an audio stream into homogeneous segments according to speaker identity. Today state-of-the-art speaker diarization systems have achieved very competitive performance. However, any small improvement in Diarization Error Rate (DER) is usually subject to very large processing times (real time factor above one),(More)
The recently proposed speaker diarization technique based on binary keys provides a very fast alternative to state-of-the-art systems with little increase of Diarization Error Rate (DER). Although the approach shows great potential, it also presents issues, mainly in the stopping criterion. Therefore, exploring alternative clustering/stopping criterion(More)
Speaker diarization has become a key process within other speech processing systems which take advantage of single-speaker speech signals. Furthermore, finding recurrent speakers among a set of audio recordings, known as cross-show diarization, is gaining attention in the last years. Current state-of-the-art-systems provide good performance, but usually at(More)
Xavier Binefa1, Ciro Gracia1, Marius Monton2, Jordi Carrabina2, Carlos Montero2, Javier Serrano2, Mercedes Blázquez3, Richard Benjamins3, Emma Teodoro3, Marta Poblet4, Pompeu Casanovas3 Digital Video Understanding Group, UAB Laboratory for HW/SW Prototypes and Solutions (CEPHIS) UAB Institute of Law and Technology, Law Dpt., UAB ICREA Researcher at the(More)
In this paper, the dynamic model with sensor and actuator for the articulated robotic arm is obtained by using the combination of the structural, the sensor, and the actuator dynamic models. The proposed approach is validated comparing the simulation results against the experimental results.
The recently proposed speaker diarization technique based on binary keys provides a very fast alternative to state-of-the-art systems. However, this speed up has the cost of a little increase in Diarization Error Rate (DER). This paper proposes a series of improvements to the original algorithm with the aim to get closer to state-of-the-art performance.(More)
Semantic Search and Ontologies are one of the key technologies that can improve content management. Nonetheless, in order to be widely diffused, these technologies lack real-time capabilities, that speed up both the indexing and the retrieval processes. This contribution presents the approach and strategy proposed to tackle this problem, within the Spanish(More)