Javier Segovia Aguas

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Finite State Controllers (FSCs) are an effective way to represent sequential plans compactly. By imposing appropriate conditions on transitions, FSCs can also represent generalized plans that solve a range of planning problems from a given domain. In this paper we introduce the concept of hierarchical FSCs for planning by allowing controllers to call other(More)
In many domains generalized plans can only be computed if certain high-level state features, i.e. features that capture key concepts to accurately distinguish between states and make good decisions, are available. In most applications of generalized planning such features are hand-coded by an expert. This paper presents a novel method to automatically(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for generating Context-Free Grammars (CFGs) from small sets of input strings (a single input string in some cases). Our approach is to compile this task into a classical planning problem whose solutions are sequences of actions that build and validate a CFG compliant with the input strings. In addition, we show that our(More)
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