Javier Sánchez

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The CrossGrid international distributed testbed will share resources across fifteen European sites, to run interactive applications, and is one of the challenging points of the CrossGrid project. The sites list ranges from relatively small computing facilities in universities, to large computing centers, so offering an ideal mixture to test the(More)
The effects of atypical antipsychotic treatment on the brain volume deficits associated with schizophrenia are poorly understood. We assessed the brain volumes of eleven healthy controls and 29 patients with schizophrenia, using magnetic resonance imaging at baseline and at follow-up after two years of treatment with atypical neuroleptics. Two groups of(More)
Multiple studies have shown that HIV-1 patients may develop virus reservoirs that impede eradication; these reservoirs include the central nervous system (CNS). Despite an undetectable viral load in patients treated with potent antiretrovirals, current therapy is unable to purge the virus from these latent reservoirs. To broaden the inhibitory range and(More)
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies in schizophrenia have revealed consistently reduced N-acetyl aspartate (NAA) levels in chronic patients, but not in recent-onset patients. Studies on the relationship between this marker and disease duration have commonly been negative, although it is also true that they have been conducted in patients with(More)
We propose a novel method for real-time camera motion tracking in planar view scenarios. This method relies on the geometry of a tripod, an initial estimation of camera pose for the first video frame and a primitive tracking procedure. This process uses lines and circles as primitives, which are extracted applying classification and regression tree. We have(More)