Javier Sánchez

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The enzymatic membrane reactor (EMR) consists on a coupling of a membrane separation process with an enzymatic reaction. The selective membrane aims to separate the biocatalyst from the reaction products. The main objective of EMR is to ensure the complete rejection of the enzyme in order to maintain the full activity inside the reacting volume. Depending(More)
The nitrate radical (NO3) is the dominant nighttime oxidant in most urban and rural environments and reacts rapidly with biogenic volatile organic compounds to form secondary organic aerosol (SOA) and organic nitrates (ON). Here, we study the formation of SOA and ON from the NO3 oxidation of two monoterpenes (α-pinene and β-pinene) and investigate how they(More)
Title: An exploratory research: Fear and the need of security interplay as a business mechanism Authors Beltrán Alanis, Martha Alicia alabelm@prodigy.net.mx Cruz Sánchez, Javier Arnulfo jcruzs@gmail.com Supervisor Gilbert, David Clifford 1 Document Type Master Thesis Background Humanity builds and writes its history. Overtime the need of feeling secure has(More)
April 7, 2017 Version 0.9-82 Date 2017-04-07 Title Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data Author Mark Stevenson <mark.stevenson1@unimelb.edu.au> with contributions from Telmo Nunes, Cord Heuer, Jonathon Marshall, Javier Sanchez, Ron Thornton, Jeno Reiczigel, Jim Robison-Cox, Paola Sebastiani, Peter Solymos, Kazuki Yoshida, Geoff Jones, Sarah(More)
HYSOL technology allows the hybridization of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology with biomethane for the efficient generation of clean and sustainable electricity in a firm and dispatchable manner. Biomass from horticultural residues and drought-tolerant crops is a promising feedstock for biomethane production in areas with high solar radiation. This(More)
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