Javier Romero Rodriguez

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In this paper, we develop a mathematical model from the theory of plate bending in elasticity which relates physical properties of a surface to its elastic deformation. We present the finite difference solution of the mathematical model and implement it using the Maya API and the MEL scripting language. We examine the effects of material properties and(More)
The problem of the high carbon dioxide emissions linked to power generation makes necessary active research on the use of biofuels in gas turbine systems as a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Gasification of biomass waste is particularly of interest in obtaining a fuel to be run in gas turbines, as it is an efficient biomass-to-biofuel conversion(More)
Predictive models play an important role in the design of post-combustion processes for the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from power plants. A rate-based absorber model is presented to investigate the reactive capture of CO2 using aqueous monoethanolamine (MEA) as a solvent, integrating a predictive molecular-based equation of state: SAFT-VR SW(More)
An in-vitro experiment has been conducted to reconstruct the 3D surfaces of the leaflets of aortic valves during opening and closing, and to measure the differences in the spatial distribution of strain rates between tricuspid and bicuspid aortic valves. It has been shown in clinical studies that patients with congenital bicuspid aortic valves (CBAVs)(More)
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