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This study presents the advances on designing and implementing scalable techniques to support the development and execution of MapReduce application in pervasive distributed computing infrastructures, in the context of the PER-MARE project. A pervasive framework for MapReduce applications is very useful in practice, especially in those scientific,(More)
This document reports the advances on exploring and understanding the fault tolerance mechanisms in Hadoop MapReduce. A description of the current fault tolerance features existing in Hadoop is provided, along with a review of related works on the topic. Finally, the document describes some relevant proposals about fault tolerance worth considering to(More)
Prototyping and testing distributed systems is considered to be a hard task because it is not always possible to reproduce a given sequence of events. While simulations may help on this task, they cannot replace test and validation with real systems. In this paper we present Docker-Hadoop, a container-based virtualization platform designed to prototype,(More)
Comprehensive chromosome analysis techniques such as metaphaseComparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) and array-CGH are available for singlecell analysis. However, while metaphase-CGH and BAC array-CGH have been widely used for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, oligonucleotide array-CGH has not been used in an extensive way. A comparison between(More)
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