Javier Redolfi

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This paper describes the participation of the CIII UTN FRC team in the ImageCLEF 2012 Robot Vision Challenge. The challenge was focused on the problem of visual place classification in indoor environments. During the competition, participants were asked to classify images according to the room in which they were acquired, using the information provided by(More)
In recent years, the increase in the number of available camera networks, propitiates the rise of new signal processing techniques and applications. In this work is presented a camera network system for mobile target tracking. More specifically, it is implemented a distributed particle filter, based on leader agents for state estimation. Finally, the(More)
The use of multi-camera systems in target tracking applications demands to know positions and orientations of each one of the cameras in a global coordinate system. In this work is described the development and implementation of an extrinsic calibration method for multi-camera systems. A theoretical analysis of each stage of the process is shown, pointing(More)
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