Javier R Nazar

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Since March 2007 to March 2011, 414 patients with onychopathies were prospectively analyzed. Prevalence of the toenail and fingernail mycoses was 78 % and 58 %, respectively. The major etiological agents were Trichophyton rubrum, Candida spp. and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Dermatophytes were more frequently cultured from toenails, whereas Candida spp.(More)
In order to evaluate the bacteremic episodes, the blood cultures performed in 867 patients during a 29-month period were reviewed. The incidence of significant bloodstream infections was 10/1000 admissions/year. About 47% of bacteremias were community-acquired (CAB), 22% nosocomial (NB), and 31% health care-associated (HCAB). The five most common pathogens(More)
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