Javier Quesada

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Yellow, red or orange carotenoid-based colorations in male birds are often a signal to prospecting females about body condition, health status and ability to find food. However, this general 'ability to find food' has never been defined. Here we show that more brightly ornamented individuals may also be more efficient when foraging in novel situations. The(More)
Fire is a major agent involved in landscape transformation and an indirect cause of changes in species composition. Responses to fire may vary greatly depending on life histories and functional traits of species. We have examined the taxonomic and functional responses to fire of eight taxonomic animal groups displaying a gradient of dietary and mobility(More)
A standard approach to model how selection shapes phenotypic traits is the analysis of capture-recapture data relating trait variation to survival. Divergent selection, however, has never been analyzed by the capture-recapture approach. Most reported examples of differences between urban and nonurban animals reflect behavioral plasticity rather than(More)
Some studies have suggested that bone turnover markers (BTM) and collagen type I alpha 1 gene (COLIA1) may be useful in the prediction of rates of future bone loss, and may therefore provide information about fracture risk. Our study aimed to examine the association of the COLIA1 genotype with the risk of vertebral fracture and to investigate the predictive(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of anaphylactic reactions due to opiates during anaesthesia can be difficult, since in most cases various drugs may have been administered. Detection of specific IgE to poppy seed might be a marker for sensitisation to opiates in allergic people and heroin-abusers. This study assessed the clinical value of morphine, pholcodine and(More)
In recent years, over a hundred studies have analysed the efficiency of financial institutions, mostly centering on costs. However, the few available studies that estimate profit frontier functions come up with efficiency levels that are much lower than cost efficiency levels, implying the existence of the most important inefficiencies on the revenue side.(More)
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