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Archaeometric Study of Pictorial Stratigraphies from a Togatus Roman Sculpture found in Salamanca (Spain)
The decoration of a togatus Roman sculpture found in Salamanca in 2015 has been examined to identify the applied pigments. The study was performed using environmental scanning electron microscopy
Raman Spectroscopy Study of Ancient Vaccaei (s. IV-I BC) Glass Beads found at the Necropolis of “Las Ruedas” (Padilla de Duero, Valladolid, Spain)
Glass pieces were highly appreciated imported goods in the Protohistory of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, these remainings could provide evidence about the commercial or political relationships
Pigments identification and analysis of the state of conservation of the decorative elements of the castle of Coca (XV-XVI AC, Segovia, Spain) by Raman Spectroscopy
The castle of Coca (Coca, Segovia, Spain) is one of the summits of the Gothic-Mudejar architecture on the Iberian Peninsula. Among other extraordinary features, this castle presents unique Mudejar