Javier Pavón

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Relative size at onset ofmaturity (RSOM) is definedas size at first reproductiondividedbyasymptoticmaximal size. RSOM is remarkably constant among species withinmany higher clades of animals, but varies widely among tree species from the Pasoh Forest Reserve, Malaysia according to the work of S. C. Thomas. RSOM was examined for 16 mid-storey and canopy tree(More)
We determine the elements of the leptonic mixing matrix, without assuming unitarity, combining data from neutrino oscillation experiments and weak decays. To that end, we first develop a formalism for studying neutrino oscillations in vacuum and matter when the leptonic mixing matrix is not unitary. To be conservative, only three light neutrino species are(More)
BACKGROUND The acylethanolamides oleoylethanolamide and palmitoylethanolamide are endogenous lipid mediators with proposed neuroprotectant properties in central nervous system (CNS) pathologies. The precise mechanisms remain partly unknown, but growing evidence suggests an antiinflammatory/antioxidant profile. METHODS We tested whether(More)
Long chain saturated and unsaturated alkyl sulfamide and propyl sulfamide derivatives, analogs of oleoylethanolamide, have been synthesized and evaluated in vivo and in vitro as peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) activators. Additionally, the anorexic effects of the new compounds have been studied in vivo in food-deprived rats.(More)
Among all biomaterials used for bone replacement, it is recognized that both commercially pure titanium (Ti c.p.) and Ti6Al4V alloy are the materials that show the best in vivo performance due to their excellent balance between mechanical, physical-chemical and biofunctional properties. However, one of its main drawbacks, which compromise the service(More)
Arachidonyl and linoleyl sulfamide derivatives have been synthesized and their potential cannabimimetic properties evaluated in in vitro functional and binding assays. Replacement of the ethanolamide moiety of anandamide by -CH(2)NHSO(2)NH-R considerably reduces the CB1 receptor activity and only some of the compounds showed modest cannabinoid properties in(More)
We evaluate the contribution to Neff of the extra sterile states in low-scale Type I seesaw models (with three extra sterile states). We explore the full parameter space and find that at least two of the heavy states always reach thermalization in the Early Universe, while the third one might not thermalize provided the lightest neutrino mass is below(More)
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