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Spectrin repeats fold into triple helical coiled-coils comprising approximately 106 amino acid residues. Using an AFM-related technique we measured the force required to mechanically unfold these repeats to be 25 to 35 pN. Under tension, individual spectrin repeats unfold independently and in an all-or-none process. The dependence of the unfolding forces on(More)
The analysis of non-stationarities in EEG signals is one of the key challenges in BCI research in order to understand and improve the performance of BCI systems. In this paper we propose a method to visualize spatial patterns of the most prominent variability in the data that automatically identify and rejects outlying non-informative signals. Additionally,(More)
Little is known of the bacterial communities associated with the rhizosphere of wild plant species found in natural settings. The rhizosphere bacterial community associated with wild thyme, Thymus zygis L., plants was analyzed using cultivation, the creation of a near-full length 16S rRNA gene clone library and 454 amplicon pyrosequencing. The bacterial(More)
MUNDUS is an assistive framework for recovering direct interaction capability of severely motor impaired people based on arm reaching and hand functions. It aims at achieving personalization, modularity and maximization of the user’s direct involvement in assistive systems. To this, MUNDUS exploits any residual control of the end-user and can be adapted to(More)
Despite the availability of many culture-based antibiotic screening methods, the lack of sensitive automated methods to identify functional molecules directly from microbial cells still limits the search for new biologically active compounds. The effectiveness of antibiotic detection is influenced by the solubility of the assayed compounds, indicator strain(More)
In this study we show how healthy subjects are able to use a non-invasive Motor Imagery (MI)-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to achieve linear control of an upper-limb neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) controlled neuroprosthesis in a simple binary target selection task. Linear BCI control can be achieved if two motor imagery classes can be(More)
The objective of this study is to improve the viability after freeze-drying and during storage of delicate or recalcitrant strains safeguarded at biological resource centers. To achieve this objective, a joint experimental strategy was established among the different involved partner collections of the EMbaRC project ( www.embarc.eu ). Five bacterial(More)
We give criteria of total incomparability for certain classes of mixed Tsirelson spaces. We show that spaces of the form T [(M k , θ k) ℓ k=1 ] with index i(M k) finite are either c 0 or ℓ p saturated for some p and we characterize when any two spaces of such a form are totally incomparable in terms of the index i(M k) and the parameter θ k. Also, we give(More)
A novel actinomycete strain F-240,109T from the MEDINA collection was isolated from a soil sample collected in the forest of Pama, on the plateau of Bangui, Central African Republic. The strain was identified according to its 16S rRNA gene sequence as a new member of the genus Kibdelosporangium, being closely related to Kibdelosporangium aridum subsp.(More)