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The subject of this paper is the conversion of a given speaker's voice (the source speaker) into another identified voice (the target one). We assume we have at our disposal a large amount of speech samples from source and target voice with at least a part of them being parallel. The proposed system is built on a mapping function between source and target(More)
— The goal of this project is to convert a given speaker's speech (the Source speaker) into another identified voice (the Target speaker) as well as analysing the face animation of the source to animate a 3D avatar imitating the source facial movements. We assume we have at our disposal a large amount of speech samples from the source and target voices with(More)
MOTIVATION DNA sequences are formed by patches or domains of different nucleotide composition. In a few simple sequences, domains can simply be identified by eye; however, most DNA sequences show a complex compositional heterogeneity (fractal structure), which cannot be properly detected by current methods. Recently, a computationally efficient segmentation(More)
—Software ecosystems are coherent collections of software projects that evolve together and are maintained by the same developer community. They exhibit some particular evolution features because of the dependencies between the software projects and the interactions between the community members. Tools for analysing and visualising the evolution of software(More)
Person following with mobile robots has traditionally been an important research topic. It has been solved, in most cases, by the use of machine vision or laser rangefinders. In some special circumstances, such as a smoky environment, the use of optical sensors is not a good solution. This paper proposes and compares alternative sensors and methods to(More)
The newly founded European Centre of Excellence for Speech Synthesis (ECESS) (ECESS, 2004) is an initiative to promote the development of the European research area (ERA) in the field of Language Technology. ECESS focuses on the great challenge of high-quality speech synthesis which is of crucial importance for future spoken-language technologies. The main(More)