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The subject of this paper is the conversion of a given speaker's voice (the source speaker) into another identified voice (the target one). We assume we have at our disposal a large amount of speech samples from source and target voice with at least a part of them being parallel. The proposed system is built on a mapping function between source and target(More)
The transcriptional regulator NprR controls the expression of genes essential for the adaptative response of Bacillus cereus. NprR belongs to the RNPP family of directly regulated quorum sensors from Gram-positive bacteria. It is activated by the re-imported signaling peptide NprX. To elucidate the activation mechanism of this quorum-sensing system, we(More)
Myosin VI is the only known reverse-direction myosin motor. It has an unprecedented means of amplifying movements within the motor involving rearrangements of the converter subdomain at the C terminus of the motor and an unusual lever arm projecting from the converter. While the average step size of a myosin VI dimer is 30-36 nm, the step size is highly(More)
The application of small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) to structural investigations of transmembrane proteins in detergent solution has been hampered by two main inherent hurdles. On the one hand, the formation of a detergent corona around the hydrophobic region of the protein strongly modifies the scattering curve of the protein. On the other hand, free(More)
Keywords: Fatigue Discrete event simulation Virtual ergonomics Mechanical workload prediction Macro ergonomics Work system design Shift-long exposure a b s t r a c t This methodological paper presents a novel approach to predict operator's mechanical exposure and fatigue accumulation in discrete event simulations. A biomechanical model of work-cycle loading(More)
MOTIVATION DNA sequences are formed by patches or domains of different nucleotide composition. In a few simple sequences, domains can simply be identified by eye; however, most DNA sequences show a complex compositional heterogeneity (fractal structure), which cannot be properly detected by current methods. Recently, a computationally efficient segmentation(More)
This paper presents the baseline text-to-speech system developed at UPC (Ogmios) plus our recent work on speech prosody generation and the procedures to create high quality language resources for speech synthesis. These contributions have been evaluated within the TC-STAR European project, which is focused on speech-to-speech translation. Several presented(More)