Javier Ortiz Hernández

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Not all T cells specific for autoantigens are eliminated in the thymus, and therefore alternate mechanisms are required to prevent potentially autoreactive T cells from developing into effectors. Adoptive transfer of CD8(+) T cells from influenza hemagglutinin-specific Clone 4 TCR transgenic mice into mice that express hemagluttinin in the pancreatic islets(More)
Elevated levels of the p53 protein occur in approximately 50% of human malignancies, which makes it an excellent target for a broad-spectrum T cell immunotherapy of cancer. A major barrier to the design of p53-specific immunotherapeutics and vaccines, however, is the possibility that T cells may be tolerant of antigens derived from wild-type p53 due to its(More)
A high proportion of tumors arise due to mutation of the p53 tumor suppressor protein. A p53 hotspot mutation at amino acid position 273 from R to H, flanking a peptide epitope that spans residues 264-272, renders cells resistant to killing by human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen (HLA)-A*0201-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) specific for this(More)
Professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) are capable of transporting self-antigens from peripheral tissues to secondary lymphoid organs where they are presented to potentially autoreactive CD8(+) T cells. In the absence of an inflammatory response, this results in immune tolerance. The presence of activated, antigen-specific CD4(+) T cells converts this(More)
Activation of naive CD8 T cells in vivo requires the recognition of cognate peptide-MHC complexes on APCs. Depending upon the activation status of the APC, such recognition will promote either a vigorous immune response or T cell tolerance and deletion. Recent studies suggest that the initial signals provided by APCs are sufficient to program the(More)
As the use of web grows, organizations are increasingly choosing to use it to provide their services. The modeling process is a previous step in the systematization of a process. Due to the great number of modeling tools in existence, it is necessary to identify the information that tools allow to specify. A set of concepts is proposed to evaluate modeling(More)
Enterprise systems are an important topic for business modeling techniques currently. Due to the focus on business process and its usefulness in different business improvement methodologies, the process modeling has gained prominence in the information systems modeling area. Several modeling techniques have been proposed to fulfill the objective of(More)
Organizations are increasingly choosing the use of the web to provide their services to their clients. Services are the systemization of the business processes in the organization. Due to the great number of existing modeling methods and the increasing use of internet, it is necessary to identify the information that modeling methods allow to specify. In(More)
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