Javier Napoles

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Due to the development of new grid codes, power converters’ output signal harmonic control is currently becoming extremely important in mediumand high-power applications. By taking this new scenario into account, a new method to generate switching three-level pulsewidth-modulation (PWM) patterns to meet specific grid codes is presented. The proposed method,(More)
Multilevel converters have received increased interest recently as a result of their ability to generate high quality output waveforms with a low switching frequency. This makes them very attractive for high power applications. A Cascaded HBridge converter is a multilevel topology which is formed from the series connection of H-Bridge cells. Optimized pulse(More)
In high-power applications, the maximum switching frequency is limited due to thermal losses. This leads to highly distorted output waveforms. In such applications, it is necessary to filter the output waveforms using bulky passive filtering systems. The recently presented selective harmonic mitigation pulsewidth modulation (SHMPWM) technique produces(More)
Increasing application of non-linear loads cause power quality issues in power system. Even though the distributed generation helps to meet the increase in power demand, they enhance the power quality problem of grid. They need power electronic interface and produce fluctuating power output hence give rise to voltage fluctuations, voltage sags, swells,(More)
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