Javier Melero

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Nowadays, the use of ontologies in the field of the archaeology is a new direction of research that is not fully tested. Some results are very encouraging and challenge the vision of archaeological sites which cannot be modeled semantically. Most of the researches based on ontology technologies in the archaeology domain are based on the research of finding(More)
Carrying out collaborative learning activities (supported by technologies or not) typically involves the coordination of multiple participants, in their dynamic assignment to groups and roles and in the distribution of resources and tools to specific group or individuals. While the mechanisms required to address these coordination aspects in digital(More)
Ancient Egyptian monuments have been objects of awe and study since their erection in ancient times. Throughout the ages many have sought to discover and teach the hidden truths embedded in these grand temples and tombs. The sacred landscape that the Egyptians created remains intriguing in our modern age. Now, more than ever, we have the responsibility to(More)
Serious games can be used as learning tools since learning games are more in correspondence with the current generation of students, foster students' motivation, and increase the learning effects, making learning meaningful to students. This paper presents a conceptual model for representing designs coming down to a puzzle-based game implementing an active(More)
The orchestration of collaborative learning processes in face-to-face physical settings, such as classrooms, requires teachers to coordinate students indicating them who belong to each group, which collaboration areas are assigned to each group, and how they should distribute the resources or roles within the group. In this paper we present an Orchestration(More)
The Polo Museale Fiorentino (the authority in charge for the management and conservation for all public museums in Florence, Italy) has started an investigation and monitoring project over the small fractures on the lower part of the Michelangelo's David. The presence of this series of small fractures is known since several decades and they have been(More)
With the aim of visually supporting learners in the creation of their personal development plans, this paper describes the functionalities added to a preliminary approach for improving its usability and satisfying better the learners’ needs taking into account the findings from a previous user study.