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In this paper we illustrate a compositional method for modeling the concurrent execution of working processes in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) through a special class of Petri Nets that we call S 'PI?. In essence, this class is built from state machines sharing a set of places modeling the availability of system resources. The analysis of S ' P R(More)
Forest fires play a critical role in landscape transformation, vegetation succession, soil degradation and air quality. Improvements in fire risk estimation are vital to reduce the negative impacts of fire, either by lessen burn severity or intensity through fuel management, or by aiding the natural vegetation recovery using post-fire treatments. This paper(More)
In this work we study the structure of the set of congruences on several hyperstructures with one and two (hyper-)operations. On the one hand, we show sufficient conditions guaranteeing that the set of congruences of an nd-groupoid is a complete lattice (which, in turn, is a sublattice of the lattice of equivalence relations on the nd-groupoid). On the(More)