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In this paper we illustrate a compositional method for modeling the concurrent execution of working processes in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) through a special class of Petri Nets that we call S 'PI?. In essence, this class is built from state machines sharing a set of places modeling the availability of system resources. The analysis of S ' P R(More)
INTRODUCTION While blood parasites are common in many birds in the wild, some groups seem to be much less affected. Seabirds, in particular, have often been reported free from blood parasites, even in the presence of potential vectors. RESULTS From a literature review of hemosporidian prevalence in seabirds, we collated a dataset of 60 species, in which(More)
In this work we study the structure of the set of congruences on several hyperstructures with one and two (hyper-)operations. On the one hand, we show sufficient conditions guaranteeing that the set of congruences of an nd-groupoid is a complete lattice (which, in turn, is a sublattice of the lattice of equivalence relations on the nd-groupoid). On the(More)
Among seabirds, the fregatids stand out with a high prevalence of blood parasites. Four of 5 species in this family have been found to be infected with Haemoproteus; however, complete species descriptions with molecular phylogeny are lacking. Seventy-five samples from 4 species of frigatebirds, i.e., Fregata andrewsi, Fregata minor, Fregata magnificens, and(More)
The concepts of implicates and implicants are widely used in several fields of " Automated Reasoning ". Particularly, our research group has developed several techniques that allow us to reduce efficiently the size of the input, and therefore the complexity of the problem. These techniques are based on obtaining and using implicit information that is(More)
This article describes a new pentastomid species from the abdominal air sacs of a black vulture (Aegypius monachus Linnaeus, 1766) from central Spain. The parasite's morphological characteristics (as shown by light and scanning electron microscopy) suggest that it should be classified in the new genus. It is the third pentastomid species described in birds(More)
Carotenoids are molecules that birds are not able to synthesize and therefore, must be acquired through their diet. These pigments, besides their function of giving birds red and yellow colouration when deposited in feathers, seem to act as immune-stimulators and antioxidants in the organism. Hence, only the healthiest individuals would be able to express(More)