Javier Mareque Bueno

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Pycnodysostosis is an extremely rare genetic osteosclerosis caused by cathepsin K deficiency. It is a human autosomal recessive genetic disorder characterized mainly by osteosclerosis of the skeleton due to decreased bone turnover. It is characterized by short stature, brachycephaly, short and stubby fingers, open cranial sutures and fontanelle, and diffuse(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate a new hybrid drilling protocol, by the analysis of thermal changes in vitro, and their effects in the crestal bone loss and bone-to-implant contact in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS Temperature changes during simulated osteotomies with a hybrid drilling technique (biologic plus simplified) (test) versus an incremental drilling(More)
PURPOSE An adequate transverse maxillary dimension is one of the critical aspects of a functional and stable occlusion. Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion consists of a surgical liberation of the sites of resistance combined using orthopedic forces. Most technical descriptions advocate the use of general anesthesia with hospital admission. (More)
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