Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo

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Model-driven engineering techniques can be used both to create new software and to modernize existing software systems. Modeldriven software modernization requires a first step for the extraction of models. Most modernization scenarios involve dealing with the GPL source code of the existing system. Techniques and tools providing efficient means to extract(More)
Model-driven software modernization is a discipline in which model-driven development (MDD) techniques are used in the modernization of legacy systems. When existing software artifacts are evolved, they must be transformed into models to apply MDD techniques such as model transformations. Since most modernization scenarios (e.g., application migration)(More)
Driven Engineering Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo, Frédéric Jouault, Jordi Cabot, Jesús García Molina Department of Computers and Systems, Facultad de Informática, University of Murcia, Murcia 30071, Spain. {jlcanovas, jmolina}@um.es Atlanmod, INRIA & École des Mines de Nantes. La Chantrerie 4, rue Alfred Kastler B.P. 20722 F-44307 Nantes, France.(More)
Data rather than functionality are the sources of competitive advantage for Web2.0 applications such as wikis, blogs and social networking websites. This valuable information might need to be capitalized by third-party applications or be subject to migration or data analysis. Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) can be used for these purposes. However, MDE first(More)
In the last years, there has been an increasing interest for Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) solutions in the Web. Web-based modeling solutions can leverage on better support for distributed management (i.e., the Cloud) and collaboration. However, current modeling environments and frameworks are usually restricted to desktop-based scenarios and therefore(More)
Computed tomography (CT)-guided biopsy of the spine is considered a safe, accurate, and relatively inexpensive examination technique. Our purpose was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of CT-guided biopsies exclusively for vertebral osteomyelitis. A retrospective study was performed from a consecutive series of 72 patients with confirmed vertebral(More)
A cross-sectional evaluation of dental caries in primary teeth and nutritional status was conducted involving 285 Peruvian children from low socioeconomic conditions aged 3-9 y. Forty-nine percent of the children were found to be chronically malnourished (stunted) whereas acute malnutrition (wasting) was infrequent (2%). Stunted children showed a delayed(More)
As cloud computing allows improving the quality of software and aims at reducing costs of operating software, more and more software is delivered as a service. However, moving from a software as a product strategy to delivering software as a service hosted in cloud environments is very ambitious. This is due to the fact that managing software modernization(More)
Model-driven software development (MDD) is gaining increasing acceptance, mainly because it can raise the level of abstraction and automation in software construction. MDD techniques (see the sidebar "MDD Basic Concepts"), such as metamodeling and model transformation, not only apply to the creation of new software systems but also can be used to evolve(More)