Javier Lorenzo

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This paper proposes an architecture, based on statistical machine translation, for developing the text normalization module of a text to speech conversion system. The main target is to generate a language independent text normalization module, based on data and flexible enough to deal with all situations presented in this task. The proposed architecture is(More)
A procedure to map score matrices in n-dimensional spaces is presented. Score or substitutions matrices are used as similarity-like measure between amino acid in protein alignment procedures. The first stage of heuristic local alignments procedures as FASTA and BLAST uses local matching of very short sequences, also named k-tuples. By using L1 metric this(More)
In this paper, a first version of the BDIE architecture is presented. This architecture is an attempt to model affective phenomena and adds a new emotional component to a BDI agent. The new component affects to the others trying to take advantage of the use of emotions for the development of artificial agents. The architecture has been implemented in an(More)
Extended Abstract In this work, we present a hybrid mechanism for controlling a mobile robotic system which combines concepts from homeostatic control and adaptive behavior. The homeostatic control is inspired by an emotional approach consisting of a set of artificial hormones [2] computed from pre-categorical sensory data and also from high-level(More)
Some algorithms in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning as neighborhood-based classification and dataset condensation can be improved with the use of Voronoi tessellation. The paper shows the weakness of some existing algorithms of tessellation to deal with high dimensional datasets. The use of linear programming can improve the tessellation procedures(More)
We extend some known fixed point results for mappings satisfying Kannan type conditions to the context of K-metric spaces. Firstly, we prove a common fixed point result for non-commuting maps. A generalization of Kannan's fixed point theorem is given in some class of spaces including K-metric spaces. The Kannan's fixed point theorem in a cone rectangular(More)
In this paper the architecture of Control Av program is described. Control Av software has been designed for identification and control of industrial processes in real time. It implements identification methods for obtaining mathematical models of the process to control, which can be used for PID or H<sub>&#x0221E;<sub> controller design and real time(More)
Resumen In this paper we present a habituation mechanism which includes a modification of the Stanley's habituation model with the addition of a stage based on spectrogram to detect temporal patterns in a signal and to obtain a measure of habituation to these patterns. This means that this measure shows a saturation process as the pattern is perceived by(More)
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