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Fast and reliable face and facial feature detection are required abilities for any Human Computer Interaction approach based on Computer Vision. Since the publication of the Viola-Jones object detection framework and the more recent open source implementation, an increasing number of applications have appeared, particularly in the context of facial(More)
Spoofing identities using photographs is one of the most common techniques to attack 2-D face recognition systems. There seems to exist no comparative studies of different techniques using the same protocols and data. The motivation behind this competition is to compare the performance of different state-of-the-art algorithms on the same database using a(More)
This paper describes in detail a real-time multiple face detection system for video streams. The system adds to the good performance provided by a window shift approach, the combination of different cues available in video streams due to temporal coherence. The results achieved by this combined solution outperform the basic face detector obtaining a 98%(More)
In face recognition, where high-dimensional representation spaces are generally used, it is very important to take advantage of all the available information. In particular, many labelled facial images will be accumulated while the recognition system is functioning, and due to practical reasons some of them are often discarded. In this paper, we propose an(More)
A Procedure for fast pattern matching in protein sequences is presented. It uses a biological metric, based on the substitution matrices as PAM or BLOSUM, to compute the matching. Biological sensitive pattern matching does pattern detection according to the available empirical data about similarity and affinity relations between amino acids in protein(More)