Javier Lorca

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OBJECTIVE The CarboMedics "Top-Hat" supraannular prosthesis was designed to permit the implantation of a larger prosthesis. We evaluated the outcome at 10 years in patients with this prosthesis. METHODS Between June 1993 and May 2001, 269 patients (average age, 63.9 years) received a CarboMedics "Top-Hat" supraannular aortic prosthesis. Primary valve(More)
In this paper, we present an Android application which is able to evaluate and analyze the perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) for YouTube service in wireless terminals. To achieve this goal, the application carries out measurements of objective Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, which are then mapped onto subjective QoE (in terms of Mean Opinion Score,(More)
The proliferation of smartphones/mobile devices that support a wide range of broadband applications and services has driven the volume of mobile data traffic to an unprecedented high level, requiring a next generation mobile communication system, i.e., the fifth generation (5G). Millimeter wave bands, due to the large available spectrum bandwidth, are(More)
The fifth generation of mobile communications is anticipated to open up innovation opportunities for new industries such as vertical markets. However, these verticals originate myriad use cases with diverging requirements that future 5G networks have to efficiently support. Network slicing may be a natural solution to simultaneously accommodate over a(More)
Designing and developing a millimetre-wave (mmWave) based mobile Radio Access Technology (RAT) in the 6-100 GHz frequency range is a fundamental component in the standardization of the new 5G radio interface, recently kicked off by 3GPP. Such component, herein called the new mmWave RAT, will not only enable extreme mobile broadband (eMBB) services, but also(More)
In the last years, cellular operators have experienced a rapid growth of mobile broadband subscribers and traffic volume per subscriber. At the same time, operators are moving from a single to a multi-service offering by adding new services such as multimedia telephony and mobile-TV. In this challenging scenario, the Quality of Service (QoS) concept(More)