Javier Lobón-Cerviá

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The objective of this study was to elucidate the effects of density dependence on the individual size variation of brown trout (Salmo trutta) juveniles. Recruitment (the abundance of the youngest juveniles in May when they were 2 months old); the mean size attained by those individuals in September (6 months old) and the corresponding size variability(More)
The spawning migration of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) to the Sargasso Sea is one of the greatest animal migrations. However, the duration and route of the migration remain uncertain. Using fishery data from 20 rivers across Europe, we show that most eels begin their oceanic migration between August and December. We used electronic tagging(More)
Density-dependent regulation is a necessary process for the long-term persistence of populations. Nevertheless, ecologists still debate whether floodplain fish populations are subject to density-dependent dynamics or mostly regulated by the density-independent seasonal flooding. We surveyed Jewel tetra (Hyphessonbrycon eques) populations during 4 years in(More)
The head morphology and feeding habits of pairs of characin species (family Characidae) that coexist in four different coastal rainforest streams were analysed. Coexisting species differed in size, but were very similar in eco-morphological attributes. Gut analyses revealed differences in feeding preferences for each coexisting species, indicating resource(More)
Please note an error in the original paper by authors, it is in line 14 of the Study species subsection of Material and methods. The "20 cm" in the "…oocytes per female, and size at first sexual maturity of 20 cm (Gonçalves et al. 2013)" should changed by "2.0 cm". The corrected sentence is now shown below. Despite being a fairly common species in the(More)
The objective was to explore levels of persistence and stability of a Neotropical fish assemblage in a typical Serra do Mar stream (Southeast Brazil) over 1994–2008 with 90 quantitative samples in total. All along the stream gradient, the fish assemblage was composed of small-sized, short living species including benthic and water column species. Only four(More)
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