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Twelve experienced navigators participated in an experiment to determine the effects of alcohol, caffeine, and an alcohol+caffeine mixture on performance during the following tasks: visual search, the search and location of items on a navigational chart (chartsearch) and the solving of maritime navigational problems. Alcohol (75 ml) produced impairment in(More)
We address in this paper the question of how to verify properties of functional logic programs like those of Curry or Toy. The main problem to face is that equational reasoning is not valid for this purpose, due to the possible presence of non-deterministic functions with call-time choice semantics. We develop some logical conceptual tools providing sound(More)
The proof of properties of formal systems including inequalities is currently evolving into an increasingly appealing workline in diierent areas of computer science. We propose a sound and complete semantic tableau method for handling many-sorted preorders. As logical framework a many-sorted rst order logic is supplied, where functions and predicates behave(More)
En los lenguajes de programación lógico-funcional como Curry [5] y Toy [6], existe la posibilidad de definir funciones perezosas mediante sistemas de reescritura no confluentes y no terminantes lo que, en particular, impide poder llevar a cabo un razonamiento puramente ecuacional sobre dichos sistemas. La lógica CRWL (Constructor based ReWriting Logic) [4](More)
In this paper we present a three valued many sorted logic for dealing with preorders, incorporating subsort relations into the syntax of the language, and where formulas taking the third boolean value as interpretation contain a term or a predicate not well-sorted w.r.t. the signature. For this logic a ground tableau-based deduction method and a free(More)
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