Javier López Peña

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This paper invents the notion of torified varieties: A torification of a scheme is a decomposition of the scheme into split tori. A torified variety is a reduced scheme of finite type over Z that admits a torification. Toric varieties, split Chevalley schemes and flag varieties are examples of this type of scheme. Given a torified variety whose torification(More)
Motivated from some results in classical differential geometry, we give a constructive procedure for building up a connection over a (twisted) tensor product of two algebras, starting from connections defined on the factors. The curvature for the product connection is explicitly calculated, and shown to be independent of the choice of the twisting map and(More)
Traditionally, most of football statistical and media coverage has been focused almost exclusively on goals and (ocassionally) shots. However, most of the duration of a football game is spent away from the boxes, passing the ball around. The way teams pass the ball around is the most characteristic measurement of what a team’s “unique style” is. In the(More)
Acquired non-surgical, non-traumatic localized neuropathies, excluding cranial nerve disorders, are rare in infancy. We review the clinical histories of six children, studied for this disorders amongst a total of 2,105 children seen in the Neuropediatric Department of the Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza. Two were diagnosed as familial neuropathy with(More)
The Wulst of birds, which is generally considered homologous with the isocortex of mammals, is an elevation on the dorsum of the telencephalon that is particularly prominent in predatory species, especially those with large, frontally placed eyes, such as owls. The Wulst, therefore, is largely visual, but a relatively small rostral portion is somatosensory(More)
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