Javier Jaimovich

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‘Emotion in Motion’ is an experiment designed to understand the emotional reaction of people to a variety of musical excerpts, via self-report questionnaires and the recording of electrodermal activity (EDA) and heart rate (HR) signals. The experiment ran for 3 months as part of a public exhibition, having nearly 4000 participants and over 12000 listening(More)
This paper describes the use of physiological and kinematic sensors for the direct measurement of physical gesture and emotional changes in live musical performance. Initial studies on the measurement of performer and audience emotional state in controlled environments serve as the foundation for three pieces using the BioMuse system in live performance. By(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation and outcome of Ground Me!, an interactive sound installation set up in the Sonic Lab of the Sonic Arts Research Centre. The site-specific interactive installation consists of multiple copper poles hanging from the Sonic Lab’s ceiling panels, which trigger samples of electricity sounds when grounded through the(More)
GTrace is a program which allows users to create a 'trace' that specifies how they see emotion rising and falling over time. They respond by using a mouse to move a cursor in a 1-D window which appears beside the material to be rated. Users can select from a range of pre-specified scales, or form their own. This version of the program is compatible with the(More)
Previously the design of algorithms and parameter calibration for biosignal music performances has been based on testing with a small number of individuals in fact usually the performer themselves. This paper uses the data collected from over 4000 people to begin to create a truly robust set of algorithms for heart rate and electrodermal activity measures,(More)
In order to further understand our emotional reaction to music, a museum-based installation was designed to collect physiological and self-report data from people listening to music. This demo will describe the technical implementation of this installation as a tool for collecting large samples of data in public spaces. The Emotion in Motion terminal is(More)
As we continue to strive toward a deeper understanding of human social interaction, the playing field continues to change beneath our feet. Ever swiftly, in even the last decade, the means by which we interact, the frequency in which we do so, even the meaning of interaction within daily life continues to evolve as humans become connected in novel ways—one(More)