Javier Gazzarri

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The growing need for accurate simulation of advanced lithium cells for powertrain electrification demands fast and accurate modeling schemes. Additionally, battery models must account for thermal effects because of the paramount importance of temperature in kinetic and transport phenomena of electrochemical systems. This paper presents an effective method(More)
The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell chemistry is finding wide acceptance for energy storage on-board hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), due to its high intrinsic safety, fast charging, and long cycle life. However, three main challenges need to be addressed for the accurate estimation of their state of charge (SOC) at runtime: (More)
Electric vehicles are receiving considerable attention because they offer a more efficient and sustainable transportation alternative compared to conventional fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Since the battery pack represents the primary energy storage component in an electric vehicle powertrain, it requires accurate monitoring and control. In order to(More)
Battery Management System (BMS) design is a complex task requiring sophisticated models that mimic the electrochemical behavior of the battery cell under a variety of operating conditions. Equivalent circuits are well-suited for this task because they offer a balance between fidelity and simulation speed, their parameters reflect direct experimental(More)
A novel method is described to measure surface height profiles of lumber boards while they travel along a conveyor in a sawmill. Both surfaces of the board are identified independently, even on non-ideal conveyors where there are lateral motions relative to the sensors. Separate surface measurements are very useful for product quality control because each(More)
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