Javier Garcı́a-Garcı́a

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All monoids and rings appearing in this work are commutative; for this reason in the rest of the paper we omit this adjective. denotes the set of nonnegative integers. Decomposition of an ideal into irreducibles has been mainly used in the literature for proving the existence of primary decompositions of ideals of Ž . rings and monoids see for instance 1, 2(More)
We study the set of numerical semigroups containing a given numerical semigroup. As an application we prove characterizations of irreducible numerical semigroups that unify some of the existing characterizations for symmetric and pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroups. Finally we describe an algorithm for computing a minimal decomposition of a numerical(More)
Nowadays there is a significant amount of data mining work performed outside the DBMS. This article discusses recommendations to push data mining analysis into the DBMS paying attention to data preprocessing (i.e. data cleaning, summarization and transformation), which tends to be the most time-consuming task in data mining projects. We present a discussion(More)
BACKGROUND The term heraldic seizures indicates epileptic seizures caused by cerebrovascular disease, believed to be triggered by silent ischemia and occurring before a stroke. This fact widens the spectrum of possible interrelations between epilepsy and cerebrovascular disease outside the well known context of post-stroke epilepsy. METHODS This is a case(More)
We give characterizations of the property of being weakly reductive for finitely generated commutative semigroups. As a consequence of these characterizations we obtain an algorithm for determining from a presentation of a finitely generated commutative semigroup whether it is weakly reductive. Furthermore, we present some connections between cancellative(More)
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