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Overcoming significant technical and human difficulties, Zara recently deployed a new process that relies extensively on sophisticated operations research models to determine each inventory shipment it sends from its two central warehouses to its 1,500 stores worldwide. By taking a retail size-assortment view of a store's inventory , the model incorporates(More)
(*) Views expressed in this paper are those of the authors. Readers should not assume that this paper reflects the views of the Bank of Spain or the Eurosystem. The authors are grateful for helpful comments from Thijs van Rens, The Working Paper Series seeks to disseminate original research in economics and fi nance. All papers have been anonymously(More)
Ethanolic and aqueous extracts of 14 South American medicinal plants were tested for inhibitory activity on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Both extracts were relatively non-toxic to human lymphocytic MT-2 cells, but only the aqueous extract of Baccharis trinervis exhibited potent anti-HIV activity in an in vitro MTT assay. To delineate the(More)
Retinoid-X receptor (RXR)- and retinoic acid receptor (RAR)-mediated signaling is induced by retinoic acids (RA), which are involved in the regulation of skin permeability, differentiation and immune response. Dysregulation of retinoid signaling is present in various skin disorders. Topically and systemically administered synthetic RAR or RXR agonists might(More)
In supervised prediction problems, the response attribute depends on certain explanatory attributes. Some real problems require the response attribute to represent ordinal values that should increase with some of the explaining attributes. They are called classification problems with monotonicity constraints. In this paper, we aim at formalizing the(More)
An efficient and high yield protocol for the synthesis and separation of 3'- and/or 5'-protected alpha-2'-deoxynucleosides has been developed through regioselective acylation/deacylation processes catalyzed by enzymes. Pseudomonas cepacia lipase (PSL-C) was found to be highly chemo- and regioselective toward the 3'-position of the beta-2'-deoxynucleoside(More)
Protein-protein interactions play a critical role in many biological processes. Despite that, the number of servers that provide an easy and comprehensive method to predict them is still limited. Here we present iLoops, a web server that predicts if a pair of proteins can interact using local structural features. The inputs of the server are: a) the(More)