Javier García-González

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This paper presents a profit-based model for short-term hydro scheduling adapted to pool-based electricity markets. The objective is to determine a feasible operation of a set of coupled hydro units belonging to a small or medium-size hydroelectric company. The company is assumed to be price-taker, and therefore, market prices are considered exogenous(More)
Background Previous studies showed development of daptomycin non-susceptibility (DNS: MIC >4 mg/L) in Enterococcus faecalis infections. However, no studies have assessed the efficacy of the combination of daptomycin/ampicillin against E. faecalis strains developing DNS in the experimental endocarditis (EE) model. Objectives To assess the in vitro and in(More)
The aim of this in vivo study was to compare the efficacy of vancomycin at standard doses (VAN-SD) to that of VAN at adjusted doses (VAN-AD) in achieving a VAN area under the curve/MIC ratio (AUC/MIC) of ≥400 against three methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strains with different microdilution VAN MICs in an experimental endocarditis model.(More)
—This paper proposes a power-based network-constrained unit commitment (UC) model as an alternative to the traditional deterministic UCs to deal with wind generation uncertainty. The formulation draws a clear distinction between power-capacity and ramp-capability reserves to deal with wind production uncertainty. These power and ramp requirements can be(More)
This paper presents a new methodology to maximise the income and derive the optimal end of day storage of closed-loop and daily-cycle pumped-storage hydropower plants. The plants participate in the day-ahead energy market as a price-taker and in the secondary regulation reserve market as a price-maker, in the context of the Iberian electricity system. The(More)
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