Javier García Castelló

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In a cyclical and recurring illness such as bipolar disorder, prodrome detection is of vital importance. This paper describes manic and depressive prodromal symptoms to relapse, methods used in their detection, problems inherent in their assessment, and patients' coping strategies. A review of the literature on the issue was performed using MEDLINE and(More)
We report an experimental demonstration of single-strand DNA (ssDNA) detection at room temperature using a photonic-crystal-waveguide-based optical sensor. The sensor surface was previously biofunctionalized with ssDNA probes to be used as specific target receptors. Our experiments showed that it is possible to detect these hybridization events using planar(More)
A technique for the development of low-cost and high-sensitivity photonic biosensing devices is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. In this technique, a photonic bandgap structure is used as transducer, but its readout is performed by simply using a broadband source, an optical filter, and a power meter, without the need of obtaining the transmission(More)
We report experimental results of label-free anti-bovine serum albumin (anti-BSA) antibody detection using a SOI planar photonic crystal waveguide previously bio-functionalized with complementary BSA antigen probes. Sharp fringes appearing in the slow-light regime near the edge of the guided band are used to perform the sensing. We have modeled the presence(More)
In this letter, we present experimental results of antibody detection using a biosensor based on photonic bandgap structures, which are interrogated using a power-based readout technique. This interrogation method allows a real-time monitoring of the association process between the antigen probes and the target antibodies, allowing the instantaneous(More)
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