Javier Galindo-Ocaña

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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of relevant drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and associated predictor factors in a sample of patients with multiple complex chronic diseases (polypathological patients) receiving multiple drug therapy. Our secondary objective was to determine the acceptance of a drug interaction reporting program with recommendations(More)
We have read with great interest the editorial by Beattie and Johnson, discussing the role of subcutaneous furosemide (SCF) as an off-label palliative symptomatic treatment feasible for patients with decompensated advanced heart failure (DAHF), whose preferences led to being attended to in their homes, thus avoiding inappropriate hospitalisations, as(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine which social and individual factors may predict adherence to medication in patients with more than two chronic symptomatic diseases (polypathological patients) under polypharmacy. METHODS Cross-sectional observational study. In a primary care area assigned to our teaching hospital 265 patients with multiple chronic diseases and(More)
BACKGROUND A comprehensive evaluation of polypathological patients (PP) should always include a functional evaluation. For this purpose, a modified version of the Barthel Index (BI) is the most applied questionnaire, and it consists of a 10-variable scale. The aim of this study was to develop a screening and confirmation tool to diagnose high disability(More)
BACKGROUND Frail and polypathological patients (PP) are often undertreated with evidence-based cardiovascular drugs, as their benefits are uncertain in this population. OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of treatment with renin-angiotensin system blockers/inhibitors (ACEI/ARB), statins and/or beta-blockers on survival rates and functional decline in PP(More)
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