Javier Fernández Alba

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The first step in modeling lead kinetics during pregnancy includes a description of sequential maternal blood lead (PbB) during pregnancy and the factors controlling it. We analyzed PbB of 105 women living in the Valley of Mexico from week 12 to week 36 of pregnancy and again at parturition. We also used data from all women contributing blood at any stage(More)
We constructed models of umbilical cord blood lead (PbB), with and without the addition of maternal PbB at delivery and earlier in pregnancy, to determine which factors explaining cord PbB depended upon maternal PbB and which did not. We prospectively studied women of low-to-middle socioeconomic status who lived in the Valley of Mexico from 12 weeks of(More)
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare and aggressive primary cutaneous neoplasm. Clinically it is characterized by innocuous appearance, as a fast growing asymptomatic nodule or plaque. Head and neck are the most common sites of presentation (50%). The treatment is based on local surgery completed with cervical lymph node dissection, radiotherapy, chemotherapy(More)