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We apply the symbolic analysis principle to pushdown systems. We represent (possibly innnite) sets of conngurations of such systems by means of nite-state automata. In order to reason in a uniform way about analysis problems involving both exis-tential and universal path quantiication (like model-checking for branching-time logics), we consider the more(More)
McMillan has recently proposed a new technique to avoid the state explosion problem in the verification of systems modelled with finite-state Petri nets. The technique requires to construct a finite initial part of the unfolding of the net. McMillan's algorithm for this task may yield initial parts that are larger than necessary (exponentially larger in the(More)
The design and analysis of concurrent systems has proved to be one of the most vexing practical problems in computer science. We need such systems if we want to compute at high speed and yet distribute the computation over distances too long to allow synchronizing communication to a global clock. At the speed of modern computer systems, one centimeter is(More)