Javier España

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We investigated the effect of gradual-elastic compression stockings (GCSs) on running economy (RE), kinematics, and performance in endurance runners. Sixteen endurance trained athletes (age: 34.73 ± 6.27 years; VO2max: 62.83 ± 9.03 ml·kg(-1)·min(-1); 38 minutes in 10 km; 1 hour 24 minutes in half marathon) performed in random order 4 bouts of 6 minutes at a(More)
Over a period of 10 years, 233 adult patients were treated for severe tetanus in this ICU. Criteria of severity, clinical patterns, and a detailed plan of treatment are outlined. The authors emphasize that such treatment implicates the permanent availability of trained personel in handling cardiorespiratory emergencies as well as prolonged mechanical(More)
These studies show the results of intensive care management of 306 consecutive patients with tetanus compared with 335 patients treated conservatively in the same hospital before the institution of the ICU. The impact of the ICU treatment was manifested in a decrease in mortality, from 43.58 percent to 15 percent. In addition, while patients treated(More)
PURPOSE To quantify the impact of training-intensity distribution on 10K performance in recreational athletes. METHODS 30 endurance runners were randomly assigned to a training program emphasizing low-intensity, sub-ventilatory-threshold (VT), polarized endurance-training distribution (PET) or a moderately high-intensity (between-thresholds)(More)
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