Javier Elizondo

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This paper describes the process of rapid iterative prototyping used by a research team developing a training video game for the Sirius program funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). Described are three stages of development, including a paper prototype, and builds for alpha and beta testing. Game development is documented,(More)
Heuristics can interfere with information processing and hinder decision-making when more systematic processes that might lead to better decisions are ignored. Based on the heuristic-systematic model (HSM) of information processing, a serious training game (called MACBETH) was designed to address and mitigate cognitive biases that interfere with the(More)
We are interested in understanding the geometry and topology of Chow varieties and the space of all effective cycles with the same homology class, " restricted Chow variety ". In this paper we discuss the case of projective algebraic varieties on which an algebraic torus acts linearly such that there are finitely many irreducible invariant subvarieties. The(More)
Digital games are ideal for training complex decision making skills because they allow players to experience decision making processes and consequences. However, training complex skills often results in failure, which may undermine learning engagement. Traditional training methods employing observational learning (e.g., training videos) do not cause(More)
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