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Different root parts with or without increased iron-reducing activities have been studied in iron-deficient and iron-sufficient control sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. Monohil hybrid). The distal root parts of iron-deficient plants, 0 to 5 mm from the root apex, were capable to reduce Fe(III)-chelates and contained concentrations of flavins near 700 microM,(More)
A new reversed phase-high performance liquid chromatography method has been developed to analyze the full complement of higher plant photosynthetic pigments (cis-neoxanthin, neoxanthin, violaxanthin, taraxanthin, anteraxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, cis-lutein, chlorophyll b, chlorophyll a, alpha- and beta-carotene). The separation is carried out on a C(18)(More)
The appearance of oxygenic photosynthesis was a key event in the evolution of our green biosphere. Oxygen in the atmosphere is generally believed to come from the biomolecular water-splitting reaction that occurs in oxyphotosynthetic organisms catalysed by the oxygen evolving centre (OEC) of Photosystem II. Using knowledge from complete genomes and current(More)
Bruno Aranda1,27, Hagen Blankenburg2,27, Samuel Kerrien1, Fiona S L Brinkman3, Arnaud Ceol4,5, Emilie Chautard6,7, Jose M Dana1, Javier De Las Rivas8, Marine Dumousseau1, Eugenia Galeota5,9, Anna Gaulton1, Johannes Goll10, Robert E W Hancock11, Ruth Isserlin12, Rafael C Jimenez1, Jules Kerssemakers13, Jyoti Khadake1, David J Lynn14, Magali Michaut12, Gavin(More)
The proteomic profile of thylakoid membranes and the changes induced in that proteome by iron deficiency have been studied by using thylakoid preparations from Beta vulgaris plants grown in hydroponics. Two different 2-D electrophoresis approaches have been used to study these proteomes: isoelectrical focusing followed by SDS PAGE (IEF-SDS PAGE) and(More)
The tumoral clone of Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (WM) shows a wide morphological heterogeneity, which ranges from B lymphocytes (BL) to plasma cells (PC). By means of genome-wide expression profiling we have been able to identify genes exclusively deregulated in BL and PC from WM, but with a similar expression pattern in their corresponding cell(More)
Specific microRNA (miRNA) signatures have been associated with different cytogenetic subtypes in acute leukemias. This finding prompted us to investigate potential associations between genetic abnormalities in multiple myeloma (MM) and singular miRNA expression profiles. Moreover, global gene expression profiling was also analyzed to find correlated miRNA(More)
UNLABELLED Background Recent findings suggest that a specific deletion of Dicer1 in mesenchymal stromal cell-derived osteoprogenitors triggers several features of myelodysplastic syndrome in a murine model. Our aim was to analyze DICER1 and DROSHA gene and protein expression in mesenchymal stromal cells (the osteoblastic progenitors) obtained from bone(More)
BACKGROUND Among patients with B-cell chronic lymphoid leukemia, those with 13q14 deletion have a favorable outcome. However, whether the percentage of cells with 13q- influences the prognosis or the biological characteristics of this disease is unknown. We analyzed the clinico-biological characteristics and outcome of patients with B-cell chronic lymphoid(More)
We report the high-resolution structure of the spinach PsbQ protein, one of the main extrinsic proteins of higher plant photosystem II (PSII). The crystal structure shows that there are two well-defined regions in PsbQ, the C-terminal region (residues 46-149) folded as a four helix up-down bundle and the N-terminal region (residues 1-45) that is loosely(More)